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Forged in 1997, Zifam Pinnacle embarked amid a humble band of four with an exclusive vision to improve the health and well-being of all through the essence harnessed from nature. Charged as a company and individuals to make a difference in everything from products to services, Zifam is driven within the vision to inspire people to Its better lives through natural alternatives. Zifam’s every product is explored and established with strong scientific evidence of efficacy by qualified in-house practitioners to infuse the healing powers of nature into befitting compositions.With this traditional knowledge, we extend a more natural approach to healthy living. This uncompromising dedication to superior evidence based natural supplements ensures prescribers and patrons total confidence in the proficiency of our creations. Manufactured in Sydney, Australia¬†under stringent quality controls and assurance of highest international standards, guarantees Zifam as a preferred choice. Zifam’s manufacturing wing CMPS (Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Services Pty Ltd) is accredited with Good Manufacturing Practices based on WHO format by Therapeutic Goods Administration (Department of Health) Australia. All constituents are sourced from creditable sources around the globe to assure their quality and competence. All raw ingredients are rigorously tested to ensure consistency of active components while minimizing or eliminating any harmful contaminants.



High Strength Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg



Natural Fish Oil 1000mg

Vision Raise


Healthy vision with Astaxanthin

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